Goultarminator Retro

from 21/03/2022 to 03/04/2022


After years of wandering... Goultard is back, to once again put you to the test with his Goultarminator!

Warriors of all horizons, sharpen your blades, gather your companions, because the hour of the fight sounded!

The Goultarminator will take place on a special tournament server with Temporis Retro character data. The tournament format is unique, so it is important to read the entire rules.


For the whole of the starters and substitutes of the champion guild: Champion Set + 1-year subscription pack.

For the whole of the starters and substitutes of the guild beaten in final: 6-month subscription pack.

For the whole of the starters and substitutes of the guilds beaten in semi-final: 3-month subscription pack.


The complete rules of the tournament are available on the official Dofus website at this link.

The times are in UTC+1 until 27/03 and in UTC+2 from 28/03.

The precise schedule of the tournament is as follows:

  • Round 1: Monday 21/03 8pm
  • Round 2: Monday 21/03 10pm
  • Round 3: Wednesday 23/03 8pm
  • Round 4: Wednesday 23/03 10pm
  • Round 5: Saturday 26/03 6pm
  • Round 6: Saturday 26/03 8pm
  • Round 7: Saturday 26/03 10pm

  • RO16: Monday 28/03
  • Quarter-finals: Wednesday 30/03
  • Semi-finals: Friday 01/04
  • Final: Sunday 03/04

The maximum delay is 10 minutes, beyond that, the teams not ready can be declared forfeit.

In the final stages, the 4 guilds' games will be launched in staggered time at 8pm, 8.45pm, 9.30pm and 10.15pm. The schedules of the games 2, 3 and 4 can be advanced or postponed with the agreement of the 2 teams in order to adapt to the duration of the other games. The fifth game cannot start before all the others are finished.

The final will begin at 4pm.

Spectator mode must remain open during all official games.

It is forbidden for a player to leave his match and then join it in spectator mode. If this action creates a bug that penalizes his opponents in the fight, then the team of the player in fault will be declared loser.

In final stages for matches on maps A to F, the guild on the left on the KTA website must play on the starting positions in red according to the images of the maps on the website and Discord for matches 1, 3 and 5, and on the other side for matches 2 and 4. At the beginning of a challenge, the red and blue colors and their sides are random; it is therefore necessary to restart the challenge until the right placement is obtained. The important thing is to be on the right side of the map, not to have the right color: if you are on the left side of the site, and the challenge puts you in blue with the starting positions on the red side of the site, it is ok.

It is strongly recommended to join the KTA Discord server and to take the role "Goultarminator" in the "welcome-roles" channel in order not to miss any information.